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What a trip! I've gotten to watch this little girl grow since before she was born! I got to check in on this cutie every month until she turned one! See her here: 4 Months | 6 Months | Summer | 8 Months | Monthly Photos | Halloween. I'm already missing our monthly visit. I adore the theme we came up with for her cake smash, it has to be one of my all time favorites! To our dismay Raegan quickly let us know cake wasn't really her thing! I tend to operate on the idea that, "It's her party she can cry if she wants to." Anyways, the final installment of Raegan's first year:  Kennewick, Wa Baby PhotographerKennewick, Wa Baby PhotographerKennewick, Wa Baby Photographer Kennewick, Wa Baby Photographer Kennewick, Wa Baby Photographer

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