On the First Day of Preschool | September 8th, 2014

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As I cracked your door open this morning at 8am you slowly opened you eyes and whined, "MOOOOOMMMM, what are you doing waking me up?" then rolled over and pulled the blanket over your head. I walked up to the bed and pulled the covers down I sing cheerily, "It's time to get up for school!" You replied bluntly, "You're annoying me." I get it, you are afterall my daughter and if there's anything you got from me its your non-morningness...trust me I get that 8am is an ungodly time to wake up. 

First day of Preschool Olivia Violet

First day of Preschool

I've been waiting for this day, but now it's here too soon. You are so excited and beyond ready, I'm so excited for you but also a little sad. I was the weepy mom at drop-off but that's ok you're my baby (I mean big girl because you did just turn 3) and this is the start of something new, something that can't be stopped.  You turned and gave me a big hug before running into your classroom, I think you knew I needed it and for that I am grateful.  I know I should be using this coveted time to do something productive like laundry or solo grocery shopping but instead I'm here being mopey...soon enough this will be the norm and I will rush to get those all-important things done while you're at school but for now...I just anxiously wait to pick you up while simultaneously fighting the urge to write things like, "On the day you were born...." and "Watch out world here she comes!"  

First day of preschoolFirst day of preschool

This morning I asked you what you thought you were going to do at school and you said reaching high over your head, "I'm going to build a tower ALL THE WAY to the moon! I'm going to ask my friends to help me!" Maybe you're a philosophical genius or maybe you just really like blocks but I think maybe theres a little bit we can all take away from that. And just like that my sleepy-eyed little bedhead is a preschooler. I love you baby girl, knock 'em dead! Just to be clear I mean that figuratively, please don't kill or seriously injure anyone.

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