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There's nothing quite like the anticipation of your first baby. Two becoming three. So many unknowns can make it a little nerve wracking but overall It's such an exciting time. The greatest adventure just on the horizon. It's truly miraculous (an "ordinary miracle") feeling a tiny baby moving around INSIDE of you, knowing your body is growing it. Come on people reallly think about it....it's INSANE!! I know couples get annoyed hearing the same old adages over and over, "Getting close!" "He'll be here before you know it!" "Enjoy it, it goes by soooo fast!" But dang it, it's true!! They joke, "The average month is 30 days unless its the last month of pregnancy which lasts 1488 days." It might feel like it but when you look back you'll see it went by in a blink! Before any of you pregnant mamas try and smack me I'm allowed to say that because I JUST had a baby and it did go by in a blink...and I'm not even going to get into how quickly time passes once they are out!

Anyways--Shane and Julie first came to see me this past summer expecting their first baby, a little boy. They are the sweetest couple! So laid back, easy to talk to--fun to be around! We talked about the usual things; baby nurseries, doctors, baby names...I recall Julie having a bag of little baby blocks and wanting to spell out the baby's name on her belly (I want to say it was Logan??) but hesitating to commit because everyone knows once a photo is taken of a name on your belly there is NO going back! ;) We took advantage of the long summer evening and beautiful golden light and bottled up a tiny bit of that excitement. Spoiler alert: they named him Lucas and he's a doll baby.

Richland, WA Maternity PhotographyRichland, Wa Maternity PhotographyRichland, WA Maternity PhotographyRichland, WA Maternity PhotographerRichland, WA Maternity Photographer

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