The Last Day of Preschool | May 20, 2015

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I pulled your white shirt over your head then pulled you in and squeezed you tight, taking in the last of the squishiness still in your cheeks and the not-for-much-longer baby smell of your crazy curls, “MOOOOOMMMM,  why are you hugging me so much today?” you whined. “Sorry baby, I’m just a little bit sad that you’re growing up way too fast.” “it’s ok mom I’ll still love you when I’m a grown up.” “You will?” You nod. “Do you promise?” You nod again. “Ok then, do what you have to do.”

HulaCan you Hula Dance??

You’ve learned so much in your first year of preschool, like really-- so much. Not only did you learn things like how to write your name and which animals are nocturnal you learned how to sit and listen and follow rules and to not hit other kids because they want to play with a toy you’re playing with. You made friends, you played tag, hide and go seek and something called, “cannon ball drop”??? You even had your first crush; you know the kind where you chase, hit and tease and then talk about them all the time because you extra like them although you’d never admit it. I just can’t even. Hula2Hula 3Heck ya I can!

You’ve grown (three inches to be exact) but one thing definitely hasn’t changed, you are CRAZY. CRAZY friendly; there isn’t a baby whose belly you haven’t tickled or a classmate you haven’t bear hugged into a pile on the floor. CRAZY smart; the things you tell me on a daily basis shock and amaze me. CRAZY hilarious; again the things you tell me on a daily basis shock and amaze me and take years off my life in laughter. “Hey mom, I have a joke for you! For lunch I’m going to eat apples and alligators” as your nose scrunches up, your eyes close and you cover your mouth in a fit of giggles. Classic. You’re CRAZY beautiful; we still don’t know where your crazy curls come from but we know your chocolatey eyes are from your dad. The list goes on and on: sweet, kind, polite, fun, stubborn, bossy, “fashionable” etc, etc.Hula4It has been such a blessing to watch your little personality develop this year. I see so much of me in you, like how you get upset if you don’t trace a letter perfectly and how when you’re coloring you have a vision and if you want the heart to be two colors instead of three no one is going to change your mind. That’s so me. I see so much of your dad in you, you are entirely too set in your ways for being just three (and a half) years old. That’s so him. You’re a beautiful concoction of both of us but you are YOU. You brighten our lives in ways we didn’t even know possible. I hope you always march to the beat of your own drum beautiful girl because you have a pretty awesome beat.Hula5

Hula 6Sometime saying goodbye is hard but saying hello to summer with Finnegan Frost is the best :)

All photos ©Amanda Bergantino Photography

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