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I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday! We kept up our family tradition (like most Tri-Citians) and packed up our camping chairs, a couple of blankets and some bug spray and went to see the "River on Fire" show in Columbia Park in Kennewick. We paid our seven bucks, battled our way into the "parking area" and then found a spot in the grass where we could stake our claim. This year I was determined to take some photos and not the craptastic phone ONE I attempt to take every year I wanted to challenge myself to learn how to photograph fireworks with my big girl camera! Enjoy <3

Tri-Cities, WA Event Photographer

Which one is YOUR favorite? I can't pick I love them all! So much color and movement! I'm hoping to make a super composite of a bunch of these for a digital Grand Finale if you will to place in my first 365 post coming up this Tuesday! Stay tuned!

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