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I can't believe MY baby girl is TWO today! I haven't thought too much about it--maybe I've been avoiding thinking about it and just busied myself with party planning and work but today I was driving to a meeting and it finally caught up to me and I just started crying. My little sweetpea may have serious streak of terrorist in her and she frustrates me beyond words daily but she is my everything and its going by so fast! Today we took her to her first movie and she was sitting on her daddy's lap eating popcorn when she looked over at me and grabbed my hand and just held it for awhile...oh man my heart nearly exploded from the joy that small little gesture brought me. I love you Olivia! I hope you have a magical second birthday<3  

Kennewick, WA Child PhotographyKennewick, WA Child PhotographyKennewick, WA Child PhotographyKennewick, WA Child Photography

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